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Скидка на заказ
Pre-order means “you can place an order for (an item) with a SPECIAL DISCOUNT before it is available for purchase”. The sale is on for 5 days. The earlier you place order, the better discounts you can get. (1st - 20th orders = 50% off; 21st - 100th orders = 45% off; 101st - 150 th orders = 40% off) The prices shown on the items are the BIGGEST discounts you will enjoy. Place your order NOW before the prices will go up high! PRE ORDER GUIDANCE Pre-order Sale items cannot be combined with other items nor coupon codes. You need to place order of these items one by one. Pre-order items can ONLY be paid with CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS. Each batch should be completely filled to ship the order within 7-14 days with confirmation email. If not, refund will be issued ASAP.
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